November 20, 2020

Our Aussie #iixiigirls, this one is for you! This week, we’re exploring some of Australia’s top beach towns, from Airlie Beach in Queensland to Broome in Western Australia. While we can’t jump on a plane to Italy or Spain right now, you might find these buzzing beaches just as grand, if not better. So, round up your girls, pack your favourite bikinis and book a flight or car - we're going on an Aussie staycation! 

Airlie Beach, Queensland

A stepping stone to the wonderful Whitsunday Islands, Airlie Beach is one of many buzzing beachside towns along the Queensland coast. Filled with postcard-perfect views, a thriving nightlight yet laid-back tropical atmosphere, Airlie Beach is ideal for acquainting yourself with fellow travellers. While there, set aside time to relax at the Airlie Beach Lagoon, explore the lush, green rainforest of the Whitsunday Coast or visit some of the local hotspots, like Le Shack, a newly renovated cafe with seriously cool vibes. A serene calm meets a charming bustle, add Airlie Beach to your Aussie staycation list! 

The perfect bikini for Airlie Beach: Sorrento String Tri Bikini in Coconut from our Minimalist Collection. 








Broome, Western Australia

Beautiful, beautiful Broome. Think a remote destination with divine beaches and classic Outback hospitality, Broome is the perfect spot if you want to escape WA’s bustling coastline. A pristine beach town boasting a sense of solitude, but we encourage you to immerse yourself in a surprisingly vibrant culture. If you fancy pearls, Broome just so happens to be the pearling capital of Australia, and while diamonds may be a girl's best friend, pearls certainly go better with a bikini.

The perfect bikini for Broome: Prestwick Top and G3 Bottom in Sunshine from our Renacida [reborn] collection. 








Byron Bay, New South Wales

Once a simple hippie surf spot, Byron bay has been gaining popularity and is now one of the trendiest seaside towns in the country. This happening little surf hub has more to offer than just beaches and perfect waves, you can also find spectacular coastal trails and amazing marine life, while snorkelling, kayaking and reef diving. Not to mention, some of the best cocktails and food Australia has to offer. If you need to pick only one Aussie staycation, make it Byron Bay. 

The perfect bikini for Byron Bay: Mili Top and Mili Bottom in Antique Moss from our Renacida [reborn] collection. 










Eden, New South Wales

One of the lesser-known destinations on our list is the gorgeous town of Eden. One look at this place and it's not hard to guess how it got its name, the stunning views are nothing short of paradise. I guess we know why residents have tried to keep this place a secret. Eden is a great place to see some of Australia’s best aviary and aquatic wildlife or... take some unrivalled Instagram photos. 
The perfect bikini for Eden: Darling Bralette and G3 Bottom in Lilac from our Renacida [reborn] collection. 











Port Fairy, Victoria

Indeed the most charming staycation destination on our list, this adorable town seems as if it were frozen in time, with 19th-century cottages, stone churches, and great Norfolk pines lining the streets. This quaint little town happens to be the busiest fishing port in all of Victoria, so if you aren't too shy, you can head down to the docks and try to land yourself the catch of the day. Aside from the picturesque views, Port Fairy is also home to antique shops, arts and crafts stores and one of Australia's largest music festivals, the Port Fairy Folk Festival. And did we mention the sandy beaches are unreal? Win, win, win!  

The perfect bikini for Port Fairy: Joanna Bodysuit in Midnight 


Photos sourced via Pinterest.

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