October 16, 2020


There’s one thing we love as much as bikinis here at IIXIIST, and that’s travelling… to warm, beautiful places where we can wear our bikinis!  Whether it’s the crystal clear waters of Croatia, the hidden gems of Italy or cool coastal towns in Cali, IIXIIST originated from a deep love for travel, fashion and adventure. While travel may be on hold for now, dreaming of a summer escape is very much allowed and encouraged, so we’ve partnered with global travel brand, @placesallday, to create our first of many IIXII blog posts. Imagine you’re wearing your favourite bikini and escape with us, iixiigirls! Welcome to A Summer Escapism with Places all Day. 

Yucatan, Mexico

When we think of Mexico, we think margaritas on the beach and party-party in Cancun, but Places All Day introduced us to Yucatan (a short 2-hour drive from Cancun), and well, we're obsessed! The Yucatan on the Mexican coast is known for its tropical rainforests and jungles, and as you can see, it's pretty damn dreamy. There are thousands of cenotes dotted all over Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, and their existence is both a defining characteristic of the region and a distinct geological feature. Cenote, (pronounced say-NO-tay) is a natural sinkhole created where a cave ceiling has collapsed. Cenotes are mostly all cavernous and can only be reached only through holes in the top or by walking through tunnels. Since the water filling the cenotes is rainwater that has filtered through the ground, swimming in these pools is typically safe, but if you're not feeling adventurous, that's ok! Sit back, relax and take in all that Yucatan has to offer... while wearing our Laguna Mili Bikini.






San Diego, California

Eat, drink, surf, relax. California's cool coastal city, San Diego, offers something for every iixiigirls. Home to beautiful beaches, beautiful weather and beautiful people, San Diego is located on the Pacific coast of California. Our friends at Places All Day recommend exploring Balboa Par, walking San Diego's harbour-front (Embarcadero), and indulging in the food. San Diego is home to some of the best fish tacos, carne asada, enchiladas around - yes pls! It's best to avoid the rainy season (duhh!) and visit March through May or September through November. While you're there, why not rent a car and explore some of Californa's other beachside towns… wearing our  Sammy Bodysuit, of course! 







Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Attention all nature lovers: you need to add Indonesia's unspoiled treasure, Komodo National Park, to your bucket list asap! Ditch the wild nights in Bali and explore all that the National Park has to offer, including one of seven pink beaches in the world, pictured below. From lush hikes to mind-blowing snorkelling and diving spots, Komodo National Park is an adventurers dream. A short plane and boat trip from Bali, Places All Day recommend visiting between April and December during the dry season, and we recommend rocking our  Marshmallow Bralette while there!










Mykonos, Greece 

Located a short plane or ferry ride from Athens is Mykonos, a charming island known as the party animal of the Cycladic islands, yet it offers so much more. Boasting classic whitewashed buildings, crystal clear water and a magnetic energy you can't resist, places all day shared five things to do in Mykonos, but tbh, we're already sold on visiting the beautiful island, and we have our new Darling Bralettes packed ready to go. Check out the below. 

  1. Explore the Mykonos Windmills
  2. Dine and watch the sunset at Little Venice
  3. Spend a day at Elia Beach 
  4. Visit the island of Delos, it's a couple of kilometres from the southwest coast of Mykonos 
  5. Go to Armenistis Lighthouse 




Gorges Du Verdon, France 

Have you heard of Gorges du Verdon? No? Neither had we before Places All Day shared the inside scope about one of France's hidden gem. Big, bold and dreamy (just like our  Scarlet Bikini, the perfect bikini for the occasion!), Gorges du Verdon is a river canyon with dramatic limestone cliffs that make up the deepest gorge in France! Pretty cool, huh? A short 1 hour flight from the buzzing city of Parie, whether you want to go white water rafting or relax in the beautiful french sunshine, Gorges Du Verdon is a must. 










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